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Planning and Development

Planning and Development (P&D) plays a central role in the change and development of our community by establishing and administering the Town of Grimshaw’s land use planning framework. P&D aims to ensure orderly, economical and beneficial development, and to maintain and improve the quality of the Town’s physical environment through the application of tools and services under the land use planning framework. 

The scope of Planning and Development services includes:

Land use and Sustainability Planning: this involves the creation and administration of long-term, community vision plans, such as statutory plans (e.g., Municipal Development Plan, Intermunicipal Development Plans and Area Structure Plans), non-statutory plans (e.g. Municipal Sustainability Plan) and the Land Use Bylaw, which together provide direction and the regulatory mechanism for implementing the desired change.

Development Permitting and Subdivision Planningthis includes processing and issuing decisions on development permit and subdivision applications, based on approved plans, the Land Use Bylaw, and other applicable municipal and provincial legislation.

Development Control:  this involves the use of tools such as Development Agreements, inspections and Land Use Bylaw enforcement mechanisms to achieve desirable development outcomes.

Special Projects: examples of special projects undertaken though P&D include beautification, park design and special studies (e.g., housing affordability, vacant lot studies).

Other services: these are services provided to the public for a fee outside the core P&D services (e.g., Compliance Report or Certificate).

The Town of Grimshaw works closely with the Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency to implement its land use planning framework.

New/On Going Projects 

Up-coming Public Hearings

General Inquiries 

General inquiries about Planning and Development can be directed to Brian Allen, CAO of the Town of Grimshaw, by phone at (780) 332-4626 or by email at

Development Permit Application

Town of Grimshaw Land Use Planning Framework

The Town of Grimshaw derives its authority to make decisions on land use planning matters from the Government of Alberta though provincial legislation and regulations, including the Municipal Government Act (MGA), the Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) and the Subdivision and Development Regulation, that delegate certain powers and authority to municipalities.

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